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Why You Should Put CCTV Cameras in Your Home

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What is CCTV?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and is commonly known as video surveillance security systems. When installed in a home or place of business, these devices provide video monitoring of different areas around the property. Not only do they document what’s happening in real time but the full recordings can be easily accessed later. 

As technology has evolved, CCTV cameras have gone from grainy footage to complete HD surveillance with cool features like two-way audio, low-light or infrared mode, high-resolution, remote monitoring, and more. These advancements have made securing your home easier.  

What are the advantages of having CCTV?  

There are many reasons why someone would look into installing CCTV cameras in their home. If you’re someone who owns a lot of high-priced assets or are simply worried about the rising crime rates, CCTV cameras are something you just look to invest in. Not only can it help prevent crimes, but it can also provide you remote access to your home when you’re at work or traveling. 

If you already have a security system in place, installing CCTV cameras is another layer of security. The live-feed can be helpful to owners of pets or parents of children. With remote mobile access, you’ll always have an eye on your loved ones during an emergency.

Other advantages include:

Easy installation and little maintenance: This simple security system isn’t a hassle to install. The wireless options are quick to install – no holes in your wall! If you ever would like to uninstall the cameras, it can quickly and easily be done without damaging your home. With a wireless option, they can be placed anywhere in the home within the wifi range. 

Help in an event of a crime: If a crime occurs on your property, your CCTV camera will have all the evidence needed by the police. The HD footage will help identify the person responsible and get them off the streets. Not only will you keep your home safe, but you’ll make your neighborhood safer.

Insurance purposes: If a disaster ever strikes like a house fire, flooding, or a tree crashes into your home, the CCTV footage can be helpful for insurance purposes. You can easily include the evidence as you file a claim. 

Reduces vandalism and package theft: Your home, your car, and even your packages are vulnerable when they’re outside your home. For those looking to steal and vandalize, security cameras placed outdoors can deter them away. If vandalism and theft do occur, you’ll have the information you need to report it to the authorities.

Adds value to your home: Not only do CCTV security cameras protect your home, but they can also add value if you ever plan on selling. Security systems are always an asset that interests potential buyers, especially those planning a family. If your property is considered secure, you’ll attract more buyers. 

Motion detection: Most CCTV cameras come equipped with a motion detection sensor that will track all movement in and around your home. With this feature, you’ll get an extra layer of security if an intruder attempts to break in. Alongside the motion detection, you’ll receive real-time mobile alerts to your phone to notify you when security is breached. When that occurs, you’ll be able to quickly get to safety. 

What can CCTV cameras work along with?

A full security system is necessary for a secure home. CCTV cameras are just one layer of protection that can work with Moore Protection’s Home Security System. Alongside the home video surveillance, we recommend including a home intercom system, alarm screens, and sirens to make your home completely secure for your family and guests. 

Let Moore Protection help you protect your home 

If you’re looking to install a video surveillance system in your home, our team of experts is here to help. Our systems will provide your family with the sense of safety and security you need to make your house feel like a safe home.

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