Moore Protection

Photo of female hand putting house key into front door lock of house Are you unhappy with your current security provider? Are you frustrated with sub-par and unresponsive customer service? If your security needs demand more than your current company is providing and you need personalized attention, it’s time to switch to Moore Protection! We provide huge value to our clients by making sure their security needs are fulfilled all day, everyday. Our experienced security consultants will provide you with the comprehensive security evaluation you deserve.

At Moore Protection, we have the experience and technical expertise to take over the monitoring of most security systems, giving our clients the ability to switch over to Moore Protection without a huge start-up cost or headache. If you already have a system installed or own pre-existing security equipment, Moore Protection can work with your existing system and create a comprehensive security design custom to your needs. We will take your existing equipment, design the most effective system, evaluate your property’s potential security breaches, and set-up monitoring for constant security protection. In addition to our knowledgeable security consultants who make the switching security companies effortless, we also maintain positive relationships with our clients for years to come. Our 24/7/365 monitoring services are maintained by highly trained, alert and responsive operators, leaving you with a strong level of comfort and security after every call. In addition, we provide localized service meaning we constantly monitor security trends and threats within your surrounding area, making sure you, your family and your property remain constantly protected.

Are you dissatisfied with your current security company? Do you feel your current security company isn’t providing you with the personal attention and quality service you deserve? If your lifestyle demands a higher level of protection, it’s time to switch to Moore Protection! For a thorough evaluation of your current equipment and information on how to switch services, give us a call today!