Moore Protection

Access-Control-Keypad At Moore Protection, we have been providing the greatest in home security and protection for the past 10 years. Pairing our commitment to personal service with the greatest technology in the industry, we make sure our clients and their properties remain protected 24/7, 365 days out of the year. In order to keep our clients safe and their properties secure, we maintain a strong commitment to personalized service. To achieve this throughout all aspects of our business, we work to maintain a strong knowledge of our clients neighborhood crime trends. Our knowledge allows us to protect our client’s home before the newest trend has the ability to harm our clients or their properties.

To maintain our high level of protection, we recommend home access control systems to all of our clients. A proper home access control system allows our clients to control who can and can’t enter their home at any one point in time. One of the greatest, most easily managed home access control systems are access control keypads. Access control keypads allow our clients to set an access code, which if entered correctly grants the visitor access to the property. These systems allow our clients to lock a variety of devices including property gates, home doors, or garage doors. Access control keypads can also be paired with a variety of other devices including alarm systems, home security cameras, or remote home monitoring giving you more power and your property a more thorough protection.

Don’t leave the security and protection of your property up to the standard security company! With Moore Protection, you received personalized and professional attention, giving you the most thorough protection available. For more information on our service, contact us today!