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At Moore Protection we take pride in our ability to communicate what sets us apart from other home protection services. Clients who use Moore Protection as their home security service know this about us... we provide the highest quality of service.

To us, that service starts in the very first conversation we have with you about your security needs. We try to listen carefully and observe closely, paying attention to the details of your life and the changes that occur. We know that changes in lifestyle often translate into changes in security needs. To you, they're lifestyle changes, to us they're signs... signs that your security needs have changed. And though you may not realize it, we do. That's why we're here and that's what allows us to keep you safe. The pride we take in the quality of our service is a direct result of the experience and perspective of our team. Our leadership has a proven track record of success in the security industry and in technology, finance and manufacturing. We work to foster a culture of excellence and integrity in all we do. ​ We invite you to learn more about Moore Protection.


Don Moore from Moore Protection

Don Moore

CPP, President

Mobile: 310-463-7631
Office: 310-540-7229 x2


Mr. Moore has spent his 30 year career as a leading security consultant to very affluent individuals and large corporations in Southern California. He is one of fewer than 10,000 Certified Protection Professionals worldwide, documented by the American Society of Industrial Security (A.S.I.S.). Mr. Moore has devoted the past 30+ years of his professional career to improving security for the government, corporations and consumers throughout the United States. As a board member of the first chapter of A.S.I.S., he has been active throughout his career in setting and reviewing standards within the industry. A specialist in the electronic protection field, Mr. Moore was an invitee to the Governor of California's Conference on Violent Crimes, as well as an instructor at the Los Angeles Police Department's Alarm Training School. A much sought after speaker in and around Southern California on various crime prevention topics, his opinions and findings have been cited in several national publications. He has been retained as an expert witness on the subject of electronic protection, and is also a member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police. An early education in electronics and years of experience in installing sophisticated security systems, combined with years of executive-level experience in sales, marketing and consulting give Mr. Moore a unique insight into not only "what works" in his industry, but also "what's needed", instead of simply “what sells”.