Moore Protection

Phone-Entry-System Protect your home and property with the help of Moore Protection! We specialize in monitoring home estates, bringing the highest level of security to properties all throughout Southern California. To give our clients the highest protection, we install a variety of security systems including various home access control systems. Home access control systems give our clients the ability to control who can and can’t enter their property at any point in time, giving them the power to keep their home safe!

One of the most common home access control systems on today’s market are phone entry systems. Due to their ability to provide two-way verbal communication between the entry point and the homeowner, phone entry systems are a reliable and efficient method for controlling visitor access. Upon a new person visiting your property, phone entry systems give the homeowner the ability to discuss their needs and grant them access without having to put themselves or others in danger. Because phone entry systems provide higher security levels, they are often installed at entry gates for community properties, office buildings, and single-family homes. In order to provide the individual property with the most ideal entry method, phone entry systems come in single and multiple entry control.

In addition to providing the best in home access control technology, we also pair our devices with professional and personalized service. At Moore Protection, we’re an actual security company who stands behind our equipment, technology, and services. Our products, along with our friendly employees, provide an intense commitment to personal service. In order to carry out this philosophy in all aspects of our business, we make sure all of our clients calls are answered by a friendly and knowledgeable employee. With Moore Protection, you will never be frustrated by a long automated phone chain. Instead, we will give you extremely attentive and fast service, tailored to your area and your property’s specific needs.

Pairing a groundbreaking phone entry system with our knowledgeable staff at Moore Protection will ensure your family and property remain protected! For more information on our services, contact us today!