Moore Protection

Sump-Pump-System Here at Moore Protection, we understand that your home is your biggest investment. In addition, it is the location of all your essential possessions and the protector of your family and assets. For this reason, we strive to provide your home with protection from all potentially harmful elements. In addition to superior security systems, at Moore Protection we also install a variety of critical condition monitoring systems to provide you with superior protection throughout all potential circumstances.

Included in our critical condition monitoring services is the installation of sump pump sensors. Sump Pumps are typically located in home’s basements or crawlspaces and are meant to protect the home from flooding and moisture. Although they are a great addition to a home’s security, if the power goes out or your sump pump malfunctions its purpose is useless and your home will flood. Flooding can cause harmful damage to your home’s walls, floors, and electronics. To prevent this from happening, Moore Protection recommends installing a sump pump sensor in addition to your sump pump system. This sensor constantly monitors your home’s moisture levels and sump pump system, giving you peace of mind that everything is functioning properly.

At Moore Protection, we are committed to making your home a safe environment. Our thorough evaluation of your home’s security and safety, along with our thorough installation tactics, continue to separate us from the rest in the industry. For more information on what Moore Protection can do for you and your property, contact us today!