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Keyless-Entry We’ve all experienced the frustration of juggling groceries and trying to search for your home keys at one time or another. Managing to get the door open can seem like the biggest challenge when your hands are full, it’s dark outside, or you can’t locate your keys within your purse. This standard struggle at the front door is not only frustrating, but can also be a security hazard. With more hesitation at an entrance comes a greater likelihood of an assault or break-in. Eliminate both the frustration and heighten your protection by having Moore Protection install a keyless entry system into your home today!

Installing a keyless entry system into your home creates a whole new dimension to your home security system! With a keyless entry system you can unlock or lock your door as you’re walking up the pathway to your front door. This ability gives you a greater security feature, protecting you and your family to the highest degree. Dependent upon your needs, you can install a keyless entry system that includes home automation, making it compatible with a variety of other products. Home automation will allow you to put your locks on a timer or lock dependent upon your event calendar or the time of day. For some of our clients, specific characteristics like this increase their security measures and therefore their comfort levels

At Moore Protection, we strive to provide our clients with as many choices as possible to make the most out of their home security. Keyless entry and home automation give our clients the ability to protect themselves, as well as increase convenience on a day-to-day basis.

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