Moore Protection

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  • Q: What security products and services does Moore Protection offer?

    A: Moore Protection offers the consulting, designing, installing, taking over, servicing and monitoring of security systems. These systems include burglar, fire, CCTV, access control, perimeter and remote access/viewing areas of protection. We pride ourselves in providing fast response, quality service and personal attention.
  • Q: Who should I contact in case of a life-threatening emergency?

    A: Call 911 immediately to get your local Emergency Department on the scene.
  • Q: Who should I contact when my alarm goes off?

    A: Please call Moore Protection’s 24/7/365 Central Monitoring Station at 800-564-8771.
  • Q: Who should I contact if I need my security system repaired?

    A: Please call Moore Protection’s personal and responsive Service Department at 310-540-7229 ext. 4 or click here.
  • Q: Who should I contact if I have a question or need to make an update to my monitoring or billing account?

    A: Please call Moore Protection’s experienced Security Consulting Department at 310-540-7229 ext. 2 or click here.
  • Q: Who should I contact if I want to cancel my account?

    A: Please contact Moore Protection’s helpful and friendly Administrative Department at 310-540-7229 ext. 3 or click here. Please make sure to indicate your name, site address and the effective date of cancellation.
  • Q: How can I get help with operating my security system?

    A: Please contact us and we will be happy to come by and give you a full walk through of your alarm system. We also offer alarm system user guides and quick reference guides, click here.
  • Q: Does Moore Protection provide any additional security tips and information?

    A: Yes, we have many safety and security documents that can provide you with useful information, click here.
  • Q: If I refer a new client to Moore Protection do I get anything in return?

    A: Yes, if your referral signs up with Moore Protection services we will credit your monitoring account with 3 months of free monitoring. The more referrals you send, the more you can save on monitoring.
  • Q: Am I required to get a city alarm permit for my monitored security system?

    A: Many cities require you to obtain and maintain an active alarm permit. Alarm permits can also help reduce the amount of false alarm fines. For more information please click here or contact your local city office.
  • Q: Do I need to send Moore Protection my alarm permit #?

    A: Yes, contact us with your alarm permit # as soon as you receive it so that we can immediately add it to your monitoring alarm account. The permit # is provided to emergency departments when they are dispatched and can reduce the cost of false alarm fines.
  • Q: Do I get a discount on my homeowner’s insurance for having an actively monitored security system?

    A: Yes, many homeowners’ insurance companies offer discounts on their insurance policies for various types of security systems.
  • Q: How do I request proof of an actively monitored security system from Moore Protection for my Homeowner’s Insurance?

    A: If you have an actively monitored Moore Protection security system you will need to request an alarm and fire certificate. Please contact us to request yours today.
  • Q: Does Moore Protection offer automatic payments and paperless billing?

    A: Yes, please contact us at our Billing Department with a valid credit card for payment and an active email address to receive invoice payment receipts.
  • Q: How often do I get charged for my monitoring services?

    A: Moore Protection invoices its monitoring services quarterly (every 3 months).