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George Lois is perhaps one of the most creative and visionary advertising geniuses of our time. As the owner of today’s most successful ad agencies, he is known for the creation of groundbreaking marketing concepts which started populist changes in America and around the world. Included in some of his famous works was the introduction of the Xerox culture, MTV’s extremely successful “I Want My MTV” campaign, the launch of VH1 and the catchy name Lean Cuisine. In addition, George Lois also helped transform the public’s opinion of ESPN with the popular “In Your Face” campaign. With his groundbreaking ideas and catchy slogans, Lois was able to capture the target market of today’s most successful companies across a number of industries and demographics. Moore Protection was lucky enough to work with this prolific advertising mastermind in a campaign of our own. View our advertising campaign put together by George Lois below!


Moore Protection -
George Lois Ad

George Lois Ads

Our close friend, and creator of our well-known logo, George Lois, educates our customers in this compelling ad. Take a look here!

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"Boy, do you need Moore Protection!"

Boy, do you need Moore Protection!

Has the security company you originally signed with been bought out by a big name corporation? Take a look at our educational and powerful ads by George Louis here!


The Moore you have - the Moore you want to keep it safe!

The Moore you have

George Lois worked with us to create our innovative “The Moore you have - the Moore you want to keep it safe!” campaign. Take a look at the series of ads here!