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3 Ways to Protect Yourself From Front Porch Package Theft

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Learn How To Avoid Package Theft

Over the years, online shopping has become more and more popular, and the pandemic has only intensified this trend. Online shopping has become an outlet for people who want to avoid face-face interactions. Most Americans have received at least one package a week since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.  

As online shopping increases, so do deliveries –  and more deliveries mean more unattended packages waiting to be picked up. Many of the packages we have delivered can sit unattended for hours on our front porches. Unfortunately, these unattended packages can potentially attract thieves or “porch pirates.” 

Following these three steps can help you avoid becoming a victim of porch pirates. 

#1 Pay Attention To Package Tracking

Every major delivery company, including the US Postal Service, offers tracking updates on when your package is scheduled to arrive. In most cases, you can track its progress each step of the way and see when it is out for delivery. Once delivered, the tracking will be updated to reflect the current package location. 

The best way to avoid package theft is to be aware of your tracking information and make sure you are receiving email or text alerts to ensure you are there to intercept your delivery. But if you’re not around when your package is scheduled to be delivered, have someone keep an eye on your packages for you or require a signature for your parcel, so the mail carrier has to come back when you are home. Limiting the time between delivery and retrieving your package is the best way to avoid porch piracy.

#2 Install A Video Doorbell

By now, you have probably come across a neighbor or friend with a video doorbell. This has become one of the most efficient ways to protect your home.

What is a video doorbell? 

It’s exactly what it sounds like, a doorbell with a camera in it. The popularity of video doorbells has been rising over the last few years. 

How do they work? 

When someone rings the doorbell, you receive a notification on your phone allowing you to tap into a live video feed where you see and hear what your visitor is saying. Most of the cameras on the market today allow for two-way audio, meaning you can talk to whoever is at your door.

Benefits of a Video Doorbell

Installing a doorbell security camera can benefit you in many ways. For example, burglars and porch pirates tend to be less likely to approach your door to steal your package if they see a visible video doorbell. Be sure to activate the recording capabilities in your video doorbell so that if your package still happens to get stolen, you can capture an image of the porch pirate and share the information with local authorities.

#3 Deliver Packages To Lockers

You can’t always control when a package is delivered. It doesn’t matter where you are, at work, on vacation, walking your dog, or at the grocery store. This won’t stop a package from being delivered. The good news is that there are options to change the delivery location to always ensure the safety of your package.

Some apartment complexes, housing developments, and various stores offer locker pick-up options for your packages. Locker availability is a popular service that Amazon offers called Amazon Locker. Amazon has lockers at multiple locations, from pharmacies to convenience stores, that allow you to pick up any package at any time of day. If you know there is a chance you will not be home to intercept your package you can choose to have it delivered to a nearby locker. This gives your peace of mind that your package is safe and allows you to pick it up at your convenience. 

Let Moore Protection Help Keep Your Packages Safe

Never lose a package to theft again! With so many companies and products on the market today, how do you know that you are choosing the right one? Moore Protection has carefully selected the most efficient home security systems to ensure you and your family always stay safe. Give us a call today to learn more about which home security package is the best fit for your needs. 

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