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Water Sprinkler Switch Fire sprinklers are becoming more prevalent in residential construction. If your home has a fire sprinkler system, then proper water sprinkler switches are necessary. Water sprinkler switches will monitor the water flow and water pressure that flows through the fire sprinkler system. The water sprinkler sprinkler system will turn on the fire alarm and will alert the fire department that your water sprinkler has been turned on.

Water sprinkler switches allow your home’s fire systems to work together simultaneously so that your family will stay as safe as possible. Fire sprinklers are excellent at controlling fires, but they do not always alert the family or the authorities to the presence of a fire. With quality water sprinkler switches from Moore Protection, your family will be immediately alerted to the presence of a fire so that you and your family can quickly go to a safe area away from the fire. Because the water sprinkler system also alerts the authorities, the fire department will arrive at your home to help control the fire.

Moore Protection is happy to answer any questions that you may have about your fire systems and how we can keep your home and family protected. We will look over your sprinkler system to see what your home needs for your fire system to work correctly and efficiently. We can also discuss any home alarm systems that you may need to keep you family safe at all times. Give Moore Protection a call to schedule an in-home consultation today.