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Indoor Security Cameras: Why You Need One

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Can Indoor Security Cameras Prevent Crime?

While many people install security cameras outside their homes, many are unaware of the benefits of having them indoors. Indoor security cameras can be vital in documenting what occurs inside your home. If you’re ever a break-in victim, your security cameras can be essential in identifying the responsible criminals. Having indoor security cameras can also help you identify stolen items. Capturing any crimes in your home can ensure you receive justice and adequately file insurance claims. Most indoor security cameras feature high-definition playback and features like zooming in, so you never miss out on essential details. 

Indoor security cameras are an excellent feature for your home security system. The cameras can be aligned with your motion sensors and window sensors. If those sensors are triggered, your cameras will begin to record immediately. The footage will automatically be stored on a cloud-based server where you can access it. The indoor security cameras can also send you mobile notifications when it detects movement in your home. This can help avoid false alarms. You can quickly verify what’s occurring on your property with the footage.

Other vital indoor security camera features of indoor security cameras include:

Night vision

While recording in the dark, your footage will include night vision to see movement around your home quickly. 

High-quality audio

While recording, you can hear what’s occurring in your home.

A built-in siren and floodlights

These features will be triggered when needed and add another layer of safety during an emergency.

Your indoor security cameras can also be used for more than one purpose. You can always use it as:

Baby Monitor

The camera’s 24/7 recording can be helpful for your baby’s room. The two-way audio feature can alert your phone when detecting any sound or motion. 

Pet Cam

While you’re away, indoor cameras can be used to watch your pets. The camera will alert you to the noise in your home so you can quickly be notified of any ruckus. 

Can Indoor Security Cameras Be Hacked?

Though cameras can make your home safer, they can also be hacked. Some security cameras are vulnerable to hacking. In recent years, manufacturers have become aware of this issue and have taken extra precautions to protect your data and privacy. Some indoor security cameras have included two-factor authorization to add an extra layer of protection. This password protection will prevent hackers from accessing your camera. 

You can also include a privacy shutter to prevent a camera from recording when you don’t want it to. The privacy shutter will physically cover the lens, providing total privacy. When you trigger the privacy shutter, your camera will stop watching and recording you. 

Another popular feature for privacy is the facial recognition feature. You can turn on this feature to increase privacy and reduce false alerts. This means the camera will be programmed only to record when it detects an unknown face on the screen. If your camera already recognizes a face in your home, it won’t record or send you any alerts. 

Your privacy is important. When selecting an indoor security camera, make a note of features that protect your privacy as well as your home.

Moore Protection Has The Tools You Need Always To Protect Your Home 

Protecting your home should always be a priority. With indoor security cameras, you never have to worry about what’s happening in your home when you’re not there. The 24/7 live stream can deter intruders and keep you and your family safe. Have any questions about the installation? Get in touch with our team of experts today.

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