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Summer Home Safety Tips From Moore Protection

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Summer Home Safety Tips

Summer is officially here! While you enjoy fun in the sun with your family, it is important to practice safety tips. Whether you’re at home or away, danger always poses a risk. Learn how to enjoy your summer with helpful safety tips from Moore Protection. 

Notify Neighbors When Leaving Home For a Trip

If you are going to be away from your home for awhile, it is a good idea to inform either a neighbor or close friend when you are leaving and when you will be returning. They can check on your home, bring in your mail, put your trash cans out, and monitor your home for any suspicious activity. July and August are the peak months for most crimes, so prevent burglary by having someone you trust look after your home. 

Supervise Children When Swimming or Near a Pool

In the United States, 1,200 children, 15 and under, drown each year. The third leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. is drowning. With temperatures warming up and more families utilizing their outdoor space this summer, it is important to supervise children at all times, whether they are swimming or around the pool area. To increase safety and prevent drowning, we highly recommend putting a fence around your pool, training all family members in CPR, and keeping toys away from the pool area so that a child does not fall in. 

Remember to Lock Windows and Doors

Even when you’re at home, it is a risk to have your doors and windows unlocked. If you’re spending time in the backyard or away from the front of your home, a burglar can enter through your front door and have easy access to all of your valuables as well as your personal belongings. When away for longer periods of time, locking up is essential to avoid disaster and protect your investment. 

Maintain Your Home’s Landscaping

Deter intruders by maintaining your landscaping. If your bushes aren’t trimmed, burglars may be able to hide behind them. We recommend planting roses or other plants with thorns near windows, making it more difficult for someone to break-in. 

Avoid Keeping Valuables in Your Car

About 4.5 million people are victims of car theft or break-ins each year. Despite your car being in your driveway or on your property, valuables can still be stolen if left out in plain sight. To protect your car from a break-in or theft, keep your doors and windows locked, avoid leaving valuables in your car, refrain from keeping an extra set of keys in your car, and consider installing an alarm system. 

Practice Home Safety With A Security System From Moore Protection

During the summer months, you must remain vigilant. Stay safe while at home and take extra precautions to ensure you have a fun and enjoyable summer. To achieve a high level of protection, install a home security system with Moore Protection. We offer alarm systems, security cameras, video surveillance, security monitoring, portable security systems, and remote home monitoring. The safety of your family and home is our top priority and we would be more than happy to help you install a system that best suits your needs. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your free security consultation!

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