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Back to School Safety Tips for Parents

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Safety Tips for Kids in School

The summer has been long and relaxing, but it’s time to get back to school. As a parent or guardian, you want your children to be safe while they are away from home. Here are some tips that will help keep your kids safe this year:

School Bus Safety

If your child will be taking the bus to school, it’s important for them to know when the bus is coming and how long it will take. Make sure your children are aware of their school bus schedule so they can plan ahead with their friends, who may also be riding in a different direction.

If you’re dropping off your child at the bus stop, make sure he or she waits in a safe place. For example, wait on a neighbor’s porch or driveway instead of on the street near traffic (this is especially important if there are no sidewalks).

Remember: If you see something suspicious, report it!

Waiting for the Bus

Making sure your child is visible to the bus driver is important. If your child is at a bus stop, make sure he or she doesn’t run when the bus approaches. If your child is on the sidewalk, make sure he or she doesn’t cross directly in front of the bus. Remember that this can be a scary experience for any kid, so don’t forget to remind him or her about how safe it will be once inside.

Walking to School

Now that your child has the basics down, it’s time to start getting familiar with their route to school. It’s important that your child knows how to walk to and from school, so make sure they are comfortable with their surroundings. Take them on a practice run before the first day of classes so they can get used to walking through certain areas and crossing streets safely.

Make sure your child knows what a crosswalk looks like (a painted white line) and how they should behave when crossing one. It also helps if they know how much time it takes for traffic lights or stop signs at intersections: count to three while walking across an intersection- this will give cars a chance to see them!

Finally, if you have multiple children who will be attending different schools in different neighborhoods, make sure they know how long it will take them each morning by bus or car (or other means). This way no one gets left behind!

The Team at Moore Protection Cares About You and Your Family

With a little preparation on your part, sending your child off to school can be a happy, safe and healthy experience. Keep them safe at home, too. Contact Moore Protection for a free security consultation to help find solutions to protect you and your family.

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