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Why Security Cameras Need to Be Part of Your Home Security

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Why Security Cameras Needs To Be Part of Your Home Security

The evidence is clear: a home security system will protect your home and significantly decrease your chances for a break-in. If you’re shopping for a new security system or need to update your current one, you may be wondering if security cameras are really necessary. Aren’t alarms enough? Though alarm systems are an effective tool in home protection (and even necessary, in our opinion), cameras help fill in some security gaps. Security cameras perform specific functions that an alarm system may not provide. Here’s why you should add cameras to your home protection system:

Security Cameras Deter Burglars 

No thief wants to get caught. For this reason, most intruders look for signs of an alarm or camera system before deciding to rob a home. According to a UNC Charlotte study, 83% of thieves specifically look for a security system before deciding to break in. Without one, your home is 300% more likely to be robbed. Outdoor security cameras provide a visual deterrent — one that’s more obvious than an alarm. 

Security Cameras Help Police Catch Thieves

Did you know that police only solve about 13% of burglary cases? This is because they lack sufficient evidence. In the event that your home is robbed, a camera system will aid police in their investigation. Video surveillance and audio recordings can help law enforcement identify the offender. Additionally, if you have sensors, alarms, and live monitoring, it’s also possible to catch the culprit at the scene of the crime.


Your security cameras can also assist police with other open burglary cases. Say a thief scouted your home as a potential target, but then decided to run away when they spotted the cameras. Notify law enforcement about this suspicious activity. The footage you provide could help them close nearby robbery cases. In this way, your camera system can actually protect your neighbors and reduce local crime. 

Security Cameras Can Monitor Pets and Children

Covert cameras are perfect for interior monitoring. Since these devices are small and inconspicuous, you may not even notice them at all. Indoor cameras can monitor your pets or children while you’re away at work or out and about. You can make sure that your pets are safe and well-behaved or keep an eye on the babysitter. Some cameras even offer two-way communication so you can talk to your pets or kids.

Additional Benefits of Security Cameras 

Cameras do more than just secure your home. Here are some extra benefits for security cameras:

See When a Package is Delivered

Delivery people rarely ring the doorbell these days. Without notification, a package could sit at your doorstep all day, enduring extreme temperatures or weather conditions. It could also fall into the hands of a package pirate (someone who steals parcels, usually around holidays). A motion-sensored security camera will alert you when someone leaves something at your door. If you are away, you can call a neighbor to grab the package for you.

Identify a Pest

Say, for example, you discover that something has been digging holes in your yard. Some security cameras can record and store footage. You can use this as a tool to identify your pest. Once you establish the culprit, you can devise a plan to stop it.

Catch a Home Disaster

Home disasters can strike at any moment. A pipe could burst and flood your home or the wind could send a tree branch through your window. If you aren’t home to catch these events at the moment they occur, the wreckage could be even more devastating. A security camera system can help you detect these disasters in action to prevent further damage.

Lower Your Homeowners Insurance

When you install a camera system in your home, don’t forget to notify your homeowners insurance provider! You’ll likely qualify for discounts. Since your home is considered lower risk, your premium will go down. 

Protect Your Home with Security Cameras From Moore Protection

Since the average bugarly leaves the victim with $2000+ in losses and damages, installing a security camera system is a small price to pay. Plus, you can’t put a price tag on safety and peace of mind! With Moore Protection, we aren’t interested in sneaky sales pitches and empty promises. Our goal is pure and simple: to protect. After evaluating your home, we will help you choose the right service and security cameras for your budget and needs. To schedule a free security consultation or learn more about the different services we have to offer, give us a call or fill out the form available on our website.

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