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What’s Included In A Home Security Service?

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What is a Home Security System?

A home security system has several key components to secure your home against theft and harm properly. Whenever security is breached, this system will trigger an alarm to alert the homeowner and authorities. Home security services like Moore Protection, offer a home security system package that features the following: 

  • A control panel
  • Remote access
  • Motion sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Window sensors
  • Video doorbells
  • Video surveillance
  • Glass-break sensors

With an advanced system like this, every corner of your home is secure and monitored 24/7. You don’t have to ever worry about potential dangers during the night or when you’re away from your property. Home security systems give you full control. This means you can customize it from day to day with the control panel or with remote access while you’re away. The systems are easy to use so your entire family can have access to it as well. There are two systems you can install:

Self-monitored Security Systems: These systems are installed and monitored by you only. You can customize it to your needs and liking. They work similarly to other security systems. When a breach occurs, it will trigger an alarm to notify you. However, when an emergency occurs, you will have to notify the authorities and other emergency services yourself. 

Professionally-monitored Security Systems: Companies like Moore Protection offer advanced security systems to help monitor your property. Our Home Security System provides you with an expansive package that includes a control panel, security cameras, motion detectors, a home intercom system, window sensors, remote access, and more. If the system is breached, companies like us will be notified immediately. Unlike self-monitoring systems, we will notify the proper authorities so they can reach your home immediately.

What type of systems do home security services offer?

Home security services offer two types of systems to protect your home. The two most common options to choose from are wired and wireless systems. The two systems are quite different but both offer major advantages when it comes to home security. 

Wireless Security Systems: This system uses a cellular network to operate with the control panel. Instead of wires, it uses radio waves to send alerts to you your home security service. Wireless security systems are most commonly purchased due to the easy installation. The good news is, installing one won’t require drilling holes or messy wiring. The system requires a quick installation and can be easily uninstalled and upgraded when needed. 

Wired Security Systems: By using a set of wires, the wired system connects the alarm system to the central control panel. If connected to a home security service, the company will use phone lines to alert you after a security breach. Some homeowners prefer using a wired system because it will rarely suffer network and power outages. 

No matter which system you choose with Moore Protection, you are receiving a reliable home security service that protects you and your family from real threats. Our security system features 24/7 monitoring services where highly trained professionals are ready to help answer the call.

Make the right choice for your home – choose Moore Protection today

To handle real threats, you need an advanced, reliable security system that puts your family’s safety in good hands. Our state-of-the-art system not only provides you with the proper equipment to secure your home, but we also have experts on stand by ready to help you through any emergency. Let’s get started on your safety today. 

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