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What You Can Prevent With Alarm Systems

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Alarm Systems Provide All-Around ProtectionAlarm Systems Keeping Robbers Out

If you’re considering an alarm system, but feel that you don’t need one because of the safety of your area, don’t dismiss the idea just yet. Alarm systems deter crime, absolutely, but they also help to protect you from things within your home that can harm you. Maybe you don’t feel these things are as great a concern—whether it’s because you have a brand-new home, or because you haven’t experienced anything within your home that could put you, your health, or your family in danger. This is understandable, but this is also where alarm systems will come to your rescue from dangers that we don’t always think about. Here’s an overview of the various threats that alarm systems can prevent and protect against.


Theft is the number one reason that people invest in alarm systems. Being alerted if someone has broken into your home is crucial to maintaining your sense of security. Alarm systems are often the reason that a thief will stop after they’ve broken in, leaving items they would have otherwise taken. In addition to stopping a criminal before they get very far in their burglary, alarm systems are vital in preventing theft. When a thief sees a sign in your front lawn saying that your home is protected by a security system, they likely won’t even chance the break-in. Security cameras are also useful for this reason. It’s been found that even cameras that aren’t functioning act as a deterrent. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your cameras are functioning to get the most out of their protective purposes.

Violent Crime

Violent crime is any crime that causes bodily harm to a person. Violent crimes are a problem everywhere, but particularly in large cities and the suburban areas surrounding large cities. With an alarm system, the threat of violent crime in your home is significantly reduced. Similar to the deterrent of theft, simply placing a sign that says you have an alarm system in your window or in your yard provides you with an added layer of protection. And if someone does break in, your alarm system will notify your home security monitoring company, who will provide immediate assistance.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide has earned the nickname ‘silent killer’ over the years because of its propensity to arrive without anyone knowing, fill the air, and make people extremely sick. With enough exposure to carbon monoxide, it is possible that a human or animal can succumb to the gas. Alarm systems aren’t only there to protect you from people who would do harm to you—they can also protect you from harmful chemicals within your home. Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed and checked regularly.

Water & Fire Damage

Everyone has a smoke detector and fire alarm in their home, because the dangers of fire are well known. However, water can be as destructive to your home as fire is. Water can seep through cracks, soak through floors and ceilings, and create hospitable environments for mold, mildew, and fungus that can be incredibly dangerous to anyone living within those walls. For this reason, it’s important to use moisture detectors as well—you’ll be alerted whenever the normal amount of moisture is exceeded so you can take measures to prevent small leaks from turning into disasters.
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