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Understanding & Avoiding New Burglary Trends

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Mean looking burglar enters a houseUnfortunately, burglars often target affluent neighborhoods. Criminals study the areas, the people in them, and the possessions they bring home to plot ways to take them away from you. There are new “trends” in burglary tactics that are often seen in the Los Angeles area. Knock Knock and Distraction Burglaries are two of the most common home burglaries that our area faces on a daily basis. Understand what criminals look for and learn ways to avoid this happening to you!

Knock Knock Burglars

In the past four or five years, affluent neighborhoods all over the Los Angeles area have been victims of knock knock burglaries. This is a fairly new trend in burglaries where the criminal will knock on the door of the home to verify if the residents are inside. When they discover they are not home, they will begin to search for entry points to the home including backdoors, windows, pet doors and more. Thieves are then able to enter the home without harm of resident inside and take their valuable possessions. Deputies have reported that these thieves typically work in crews or groups and are able to sell the goods they steal for cash quickly.

What To Look For In Your Neighborhood

  • Knock knock burglars work in teams. Look out for groups of people that look out of place in your neighborhood.
  • Don’t be fooled by nice cars. These burglars are known for entering neighborhoods with nicer cars to avoid suspicion. There is often a lookout stationed in these vehicles listening to police scanners or in communication with their partner that is breaking in. If you see someone stationed in a car for long periods of time, take precaution.

How To Deter These Criminals

Because this type of burglary tactic occurs when you are not in your home, there is not much you can do on your own. There are devices and other tactics that you can implement in your daily routine and in your home that can deter these criminals from your home and potentially your neighborhood.

  • Keep a loud TV or Radio playing.
  • Install a home security system
  • Gather neighbors together to form a “neighborhood watch” system
  • Keep windows and doors locked.
  • Add a stick into the window to ensure that criminals cannot open, even if window is unlocked.

Distraction Burglaries

Distraction burglary is a crime where the criminal will use a trick or method of confusion to gain access into your home. These criminals will claim to be selling something or repairing something in your yard, when in reality they are looking for access points to get into your home. They may ask you to use the restroom or be let in to the backyard. They do this to try and get a better look at your home and try to create an access point for a later date. They may unlatch a window or take a spare key. These ruthless criminals usually target areas where the population is composed of elderly people.

How To Identify This Criminal

Distraction burglars will mostly try to sell you something. Whether it is a product or service, it is always linked to gaining access into your home. If someone asks to come in, or to be let in your yard, this is most obvious sign that they could be up to no good.

  • Playing for Sympathy
  • Using Children
  • Fake Emergency
  • Asking to borrow something that will take you away from the door

How to Prevent This From Happening to You

Because this type of burglar comes in contact with you personally, there are many ways to avoid it. Follow these simple tips

  • Don’t be afraid to be rude
  • Check for identification
  • Screen phone calls
  • Don’t answer the door unless it is someone you know
  • Direct people asking for a supply or to come in and use the restroom to a nearby public place
  • Install a home security camera to monitor a person that may be in your yard


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