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Tips to Protect Your Home While You’re on Spring Break

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Home Security Tips For Spring Break Traveling

Spring break is that special time of year when the weather is starting to get nice again and you get to walk away from it all and enjoy some time in a new location. It’s refreshing, but getting away can also take a bit of work. Once you have a vacation booked and your time off work requested, you’ll have to pack, but you also want to think about home security. When no one is home, burglars can notice, and it’s the best time for them to get what they want from your house. Use these tips to keep your home security levels high, even during your time away over spring break.

Tip 1: Don’t Overshare Online

You’re likely excited about your vacation and time away from the area and you want everyone to know about it. However, sharing where you are and what you’re doing on social media can be very dangerous. The fact is, you don’t know who’s going to see your posts and your ‘check-ins’ and it can be a great way to let burglars know that your house is empty. Instead of posting by the second, just enjoy your vacation and put pictures up when you get home.

Tip 2: Take Your Spare Key Inside

Seasoned criminals know how to watch a house to tell if someone’s home or not. Once they know you’re away, the next thing they will do is search for your spare key. Perhaps they’ve been watching long enough to know where it is or maybe they just know most people have them. They’ll overturn those fake rocks in seconds and be in your house without breaking anything at all. Leave the key with a neighbor or take it inside while you’re gone.

Tip 3: Make Your Home Look Lived In

One of the best ways to ward off intruders is to make it look like you’re home. Set timers on lights, radios, and even TVs so they’ll turn on at times when you would normally be using them. Have a neighbor drag your trash to the curb and back up on collection day. Ask the post office to hold your mail and ask someone nearby to remove any packages that might get delivered to your porch. A few small ways can chase off those who might be wondering if you’re home.

Tip 4: Lock More Doors

While it only makes sense to lock the doors to your home, do you lock the door that leads to your home from the garage? Many people don’t. When you’re going away, lock as many doors as possible to prevent those burglars from getting any farther into your home. The more they have to get through, the less likely they are to gain access to the important parts of your home.

Check Into Home Security Details

You will also want to make sure your home security system is up and running or you might want an upgrade or to install a new one. Check with the professionals at Moore Protection to see what options work best for your family for spring break and beyond.

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