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Tips on Where to Place Security Cameras

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Proper Security Camera Placement

The last thing you want is for anyone to break into your home. But, at the same time, if it does happen, the absolute last thing you want is for your security cameras to miss the entire event. When you decide to get security cameras, they’re there for a reason. First, you hope they protect your home and deter criminals from even trying to enter. And second, if anyone does break in, you want them caught as soon as possible. Once you purchase the security cameras, you then have to place them just right so they show as much as they can. Here are a few tips on placement:

Install Security Cameras at the Front Door

Did you know that around 34% of burglars actually enter homes through the front door? Even if no one tries to get in that way, they’re definitely going to see the front door and having a security camera present can chase them away. This is the most important place to put a camera. You might be able to use the camera for other things as well, like seeing who is at the front door when someone rings the bell late at night.

Install Security Cameras at the Back Door

22% of the thieves that might invade a house do so through the back door and if you have any side doors, those should be included as well. You’d think more would enter through the back door since it might be harder for others to see from the street. Plus, back doors aren’t always as strong as front doors, so they sometimes allow for easier entry.

Install Cameras to View First Floor Windows

Every home has windows and as many of those windows as you can cover with cameras, you should. If you adjust cameras just right, you may only need a couple to see every window on the first floor. Windows are easy to break and if burglars know that no one is home, a little noise and a quick entry gets them access to whatever they want.

Remember Lighting During Installation

Not only is proper placement important, but also good lighting. If you can’t see the intruder on the camera, they will never be caught if they break in. Install flood lights outside or motion sensors to go along with the cameras to give you the lighting you need to catch the person in the act. Lighting is yet another deterrent to a crime happening in the first place.

Getting Help With Security Cameras

You’ve likely never installed security cameras before so it makes sense that you might not know where to put them. Contact the professionals at Moore Protection not only for the cameras themselves, but also for advice as to where to put them and a complete installation. You can get additional protection for your home based on their recommendations as well. The main goal is to keep your home safe and the professionals at Moore Protection are there to help in any way they can.

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