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The Evolution of Home Security

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A Brief History of Home Security

When you think of home security today, you’re probably picturing alarm systems, electronic keypads, motion detectors, and video surveillance. While these are all common parts of home security systems in Bel Air now, this type of technology has only been available for the past few decades.

Though it hasn’t always been as advanced as we have it now, home security has been around in many different forms for a lot longer than you might think. To give you a better understanding of this industry and to help you appreciate the history of home security, here’s a brief look into how security has evolved over the course of time.

cavewoman protecting her home security with a spear1. Home Security in the Stone Age

Even before the invention of the wheel, people had a need to protect themselves in their homes. Whether it was from other humans or animal predators, cavemen developed ways to keep themselves out of danger. Originally starting with natural resources like rocks and branches, cavemen were eventually able to develop their own tools and weapons like clubs, spears, and slingshots for home security purposes.

wolf protecting its home in the wild-2. The First Trained Guard Dogs

Thousands of years ago, people rescued wolf cubs that had been orphaned or abandoned and raised them as pets. The animals proved to be effective at warding off danger. Considering that we still use guard dogs today, these people obviously had the right idea! (Source: “Dogs in the Ancient World”)

castle using a moat as its _home security_ back in the day3. Trenches, Moats, and Ditches

Dating back to as early as the ancient Egyptian times, trenches or moats were used as home security systems. Sometimes filled with water and sometimes left empty, these systems were effective at keeping outsiders at bay.

three body guards standing watch in an alley as a persons personal _home security4. Walls and Gates for Keeping Others Out

What seems commonplace now was an innovative defense method thousands of years ago. People with the means to do so would build walls or gates around their properties to control who was allowed in and out of their homes.

guard standing watch over a house as an old form on home security5. Security Guards for Personal Protection

Dating back hundreds—if not thousands—of years, people have been a valuable resource for home security. Wealthy individuals and business owners have hired security guards to protect themselves and their property for years. Just like with guard dogs, human security guards proved to be indispensable—as they are still used today for many different purposes.

bell being rung as a form of home security6. The First Mechanical Home Security Systems

Our modern home security systems can be attributed to an invention dating back to 1853. Using a simple electrical circuit, Augustus Pope created a way for a bell to sound whenever a door was opened or closed. He then sold the patent to Edwin Holmes, who is widely revered by the home security industry. (Source: “A History of Security” pages 37-38)

home security app being used on a smart phone7. Modern Home Security Systems

For the past few decades, major advances have made home security systems as useful as ever. What started with rocks and sticks has evolved into home security systems that you can monitor and control right from your smartphone—from anywhere in the world—through remote home monitoring. We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited about what the future has in store for this industry!

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