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Reasons Why You Should Invest in Home Security Systems

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The Benefits of Installing Home Security Systems

It has been reported that a burglary happens every 13 seconds, with over 2.2 million occurring in the United States each year. Homes without security systems in place are an easier target. We have compiled a list of reasons why investing in home security systems is important and can reduce your vulnerability to theft. Check them out below!

Protects You and Your Family

Your home is so much more than a place to sleep at night. It’s where memories are created, valuable possessions are kept, and a sense of safety is felt. All of this can be compromised if an intruder makes their way into your home, robbing you of physical necessities, sentimental items, and faith in the safety of your home. Home security systems provide protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can choose from various systems including home alarms, security cameras, video surveillance, security monitoring, and more. You’re able to monitor the activity around the inside and outside of your property, which can provide much needed peace of mind for you and your family. At Moore Protection, we understand that the safety of your family is of the utmost importance, which is why we aim to protect all of our clients to the highest degree.

Keeps Valuable Safe

Your home is likely full of items that have value: electronics, jewelry, clothing, artwork, money; the list goes on. Imagine saving up to purchase a brand new TV, only for it to be stolen from your home a week later. What if someone broke into your home and took off with a family heirloom? A home alarm system can help detect intruders as well as deter them from stealing valuables. Our alarm systems include keypads, door and window sensors, sirens, motion detectors, glass breakage detectors, and more. 

Potential Discount on Homeowners Insurance

Installing home security systems can have a positive impact on the monthly cost of your homeowners insurance. Depending on what is installed, you may receive a premium discount of up to 20%. Nothing beats a secure home and saving money!

Remote Access

An empty house is appealing to thieves. They may look to see if there are any cars in the driveway, if lights are on, or if there is visible movement. While you may think it is safe to leave your home for just a few hours to go to work or run a quick errand, it is important to realize that a break-in is not out of the question. The addition of a remote monitoring security system can deter a potential break-in and provide you with peace of mind as it allows you to check the status of your alarm and camera systems at any time or place, from any device. 

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Unfortunately, crime never takes a day off. Although it has slowed down during the past few months, it is possible for this trend to reverse, putting more homes at risk for burglary. Investing in home security systems reduces this risk, offering the highest level of protection. Don’t wait until something happens. Keep your family and home safe with quality and innovative home security systems from the professionals at Moore Protection.

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