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Playing it Safe on Halloween Ensures a Real Treat

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A Pumpkin Patch in october

With costumes and candy, parties and pranks, adults and children alike look forward to Halloween. But, playing it safe while you are “tricking” and “treating” will ensure that the scary part of Halloween remains only pretend. Following these simple Trick or Treating safety tips from Moore Protection will help to ensure a fun and safe Halloween for you and your children:

  • Never go out alone (adults, as well as children should follow this tip).
  • Go only to the houses that you know.
  • Be sure that you check your children’s treats before they eat any of them.
  • Consider serving dinner before trick or treating, so your children are not hungry and are less likely to snack on their treats.
  • Use common sense. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation or area—like a home that is too dark—leave.
  • Also consider safety when selecting a costume. Select costumes that are fire proof and in light colors or reflective materials. If the costume is homemade, have your child carry a flashlight or some other object that will make him or her visible to drivers.
  • Make sure that your child’s costume fits, so that he or she doesn’t trip and fall over it.
  • For those who prefer to give rather than receive on Halloween night and will be opening your front door to distribute candy, we recommend that you invite several friends or neighbors to spend the evening with you. By having additional people around, you will avoid aggressive behavior or even criminal assault by masked intruders. Although these incidents are not common, we have heard from homeowners who were accosted on Halloweens past. When your friends leave, hang an “Out of Candy” sign on your door and lock down for the night!

It is always a good idea to have your children fingerprinted—Halloween is just one more time of the year that reminds us of this. Keeping current identification records of your children will help police find them should the need arise. Many police departments offer free child fingerprinting. Keeping this information up to date and at hand, and following a few simple safety tips, will give you a little extra peace of mind, making Halloween a real treat!

For Moore Protection’s free Guide to Family Safety and Home Security, call Don Moore at 310-463-7631. Moore Protection, Inc. is a full service home security company that consults, designs, installs, services and monitors its own modern and robust security systems, and prides itself on fast response, quality service and personal attention.


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