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Monitoring Your Home With Home Security Cameras

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The Importance of Home Security

Many people often underestimate the need for home security. They may not want to spend the money, or think they live in an area where break-ins and theft don’t occur. Or, they simply believe locking their windows and doors is enough. But the unfortunate reality is, they are likely to lose a lot more than if they had proper protection. Disaster can strike when you least expect it. Don’t put your investment at risk. Give yourself peace of mind by installing home security cameras from Moore Protection. 

Home Security Cameras

Keep an eye on your home with help from home security cameras. You can protect your home and family by viewing who comes in and out of your home, if packages have been delivered, and if any suspicious activity is occurring. At Moore Protection, we offer different types of home security cameras including CCTV cameras, bullet cameras, covert cameras, dome cameras, high definition cameras, and night vision cameras. 

CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are able to produce critical images and recordings that can later be viewed. In the event of a burglary or vandalism, you will have visual evidence to share with the police or your insurance company. CCTV systems allow for remote viewing, allowing you to view your property from your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. 

Bullet Cameras

A cost-effective as well as high-quality camera option is the bullet camera. This type of camera is discreet with long-range capabilities. You can choose from different sizes of the bullet camera. It can record in low-light conditions as well as in the dark as it can be equipped with an infrared lens.

Covert Cameras

At Moore Protection, one of the most popular cameras we install are covert cameras. Covert cameras are able to be concealed very well, as they can be placed in places that people would never expect, including in smoke detectors or in clocks. They function well in low-light conditions and are a great option if you are looking for undercover surveillance. 

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are favorable both indoors and outdoors for video surveillance. They can be installed in a multitude of places and come in a variety of options if you are interested in night vision, high-definition, weather resistant, or infrared vision. 

High Definition Cameras

Monitor the most important areas of your home with high definition cameras. High definition cameras can be installed almost anywhere. We recommend these types of cameras to help capture video evidence and deter thieves. 

Night Vision Cameras

Monitoring your home can be difficult at night as it is dark, but with night vision cameras, you don’t have to worry. We recommend combining them with an alarm system to maximize protection. 

Protect Your Investment With Home Security From Moore Protection [64]

Don’t wait until something happens to your home to get protection. Contact Moore Protection today to install your home security system. You can schedule a free security consultation with us and we will help determine what type of camera will best suit your property. You can count on our team of experts to provide you with the highest level of customer service and protection.

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