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Keeping Your Home Safe During The Holidays

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Home-invasion-during-ChristmasMonitor Your Home During The Holiday Season

Although the holiday season is a time to celebrate, it’s also a time of year when break-ins happen often. Thieves take advantage of the gift-giving season and could be aware of the gifts you have under your tree. You want to prevent that from happening, but what can you do? Installing a home security monitoring system can prevent you from becoming a victim of criminals and intruders over the holidays. Here are just a few things you will want to keep an eye on when you are away from your house during the holidays.

Don’t Advertise New Gifts And Items

If you get a new big screen TV, you certainly don’t want someone to come in and steal it or any of the other new high-end items you have. Don’t leave boxes in your recycling bin, showcasing the big-ticketed items you bought, because that’s a dead giveaway. When you travel out of town for the holidays, it is best to have a home security monitoring system in place so you can keep a watchful eye on your home.

Don’t Let Your Package Get Stolen

You’ve heard about friends ordering something online that never appears, even though the company says the item has shipped and the delivering company even says it arrived. When packages are left outside your door, those who drive or walk by sometimes get interested and curious. They can take the packages off your doorstep, without anyone ever knowing about it. If you have a home security monitoring system, however, you can see those things happening, and if the robber sees that they are on camera, it could prevent them from taking the package all together.

Christmas Tree Safety

While Christmas trees are beautiful and a lot of fun to have when you’re home, they can pose a danger. For the holiday season, it makes sense to keep the Christmas tree lights on and show off your tree and decorating skills, but while you are away, you should check in on your home to ensure that things are okay. With home security monitoring you can do so. It’s rare that trees will catch fire thanks to new technologies in lights and accessories, but if it happens, you’ll want to know sooner rather than later to get the right help.

Contact Moore Protection

Your home is one of your main priorities. It’s where you relax, where your family gathers, and where you spend most of your free time. The holidays are a special time of the year, but that doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen to good people. Protect your house with a number of home security monitoring systems. Contact us for more information and options and we’ll assess what’s best for your home based on your goals. We aren’t trying to sell you something you don’t need. We simply want to protect your family, as we have other families for the past 30 years.

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