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Important Holiday Home Security Tips

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parcels-outside-doorHome Security Tips For Holiday-Related Situations

The holidays come around every year…at the same time of the year, though they always seem to sneak up and surprise you. While you might look forward to a certain treat you only make this time of the year, family gatherings, or special travels, burglars, and opportunists are looking forward to catching you with your guard down. Instead of letting others take advantage of you, be vigilant with your home security monitoring, even when the season gets extra busy. With a few tips and tricks, you can keep things merry and bright all season long.

Tip 1: Don’t Overshare

Everyone is sharing everything on social media and while it’s fun to watch friends “like” and comment on your posts, you are also putting yourself out there for possible break-ins. Instead of telling everyone you are going out of town, forget about social media for a while. You can give a full report once you’re home if you’d like. Don’t “check in” at locations and don’t list when you’re leaving and coming home. This will attract local thieves to your doorstep while you are away.

Tip 2: Ship Packages To Secure Locations

Online shopping is convenient, but it can leave you open for theft. Your mail carrier isn’t going to wait around for you to be home. They’ll just leave your packages right there on the front porch, for the whole world to see. Anyone driving by can stop in, grab your package, and run. You can prevent this by having your packages shipped to your office where there’s always someone there to receive them. You could also consider a video doorbell, which will notify you when someone is at your door. That may not prevent a thief, but it might help you catch them after the fact.

Tip 3: Cut Up Boxes

Thieves often wonder what’s inside the houses they see and when they notice big TV boxes and other high-ticket items at the end of the driveway, waiting for the garbage to be picked up, they know just what’s inside. Instead of letting everyone know what you got and how much it cost, cut up the boxes and put them in bags and bins that aren’t see-through to prevent enticing those who want the items the most.

Tip 4: Home Security Monitoring Systems

If you already have a home security monitoring system, use it when you are away. If you don’t, it might be a good time to get one. There are a number of options on the market and you can do a lot with them, even while you are away. Customizable, easy-to-use home security monitoring systems can give you peace of mind about the status of your home while you are shopping, at a family member’s house, or away for the entire holiday.

Get The Edge On Holiday Home Security

If you’re looking into a new home security monitoring system, or you want to upgrade what you have to add more safety elements, contact Moore Protection with your questions and for professional advice.

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