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Importance of Purposeful Parenting on Family Security

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Summer is upon us! Along with sunshine and longer days, the summer also brings about a lifestyle change in Southern California. For adolescents, the long summer days provide a break away from the day-to-day school regimen and plenty of time for new activities. For parents, the summer provides a better opportunity to take vacations, plan events and interact with their children. For this reason, July is deemed Purposeful Parenting month, placing emphasis on open, close communication and proper monitoring. July is the perfect month to step-up your parenting, reconnect with your children and make sure they remain protected.

Parents who place emphasis on open communication are more likely to have kids and teens who make healthy and safe decisions. It is shown that children who have more interactive parents are less likely to participate in drugs and alcohol at a young age and are less violent throughout adolescence. When structuring your relationships to become a purposeful parent, it’s important to listen and respond to concerns, have open conversations and lead as an example through lifestyle, diet, and safety practices.

At Moore Protection, we believe Purposeful Parenting is all about building a strong, positive and long-lasting relationships with your children. As parents, we want to protect our children and look out for their best interest at all times. This month we felt it was important to provide our current and future clients with some important safety tips that will help keep you and your children safe throughout the summer and beyond. Below are a few security tips to follow in honor of Purposeful Parenting month:

  • Educate your children about strangers. No matter your child’s age, it’s important to teach them that strangers aren’t always safe. Make sure they know not to let anyone unknown into the house and to always trust their true intuition. In addition, it’s important to teach your children to refuse anything given to them from people they don’t know including money, gifts or car rides.
  • Teach your children how to properly answer the phone. It’s important to make sure your children know to not give away too much information on the phone. Educate your children that it’s never okay to tell someone on the phone if they are home alone, instead simply inform the caller that the adult is “unavailable”.
  • Teach your children how to properly answer the door. If someone comes up to your home’s front door, it’s important to show your child the proper way to open the door. Have them utilize peep holes or monitoring devices so they can see who is at the door before answering.
  • Use security codes with your children. Develop a personalized family security code that only your family knows. This private security code can be used to positively identify each other or ask for help.
  • Monitor your children’s friends. Your children’s friends will end up being one of the biggest influences in their behavior and safety. Make sure their friends practice safe behavior.

In honor or July’s Purposeful Parenting month, make sure you’re building a relationship with your children that stands on a strong foundation. In addition, teach your children proper security tips so they can remain protected for years to come. For more information on security tips relating to your child’s safety, contact Moore Protection today!

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