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How To Keep Your Home Safe with Security Plants

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A Beautiful Flower Garden Of Roses At The Window

There are plenty of ways to optimize your home for security, but did you know that something as simple as your landscaping can help ward off burglars? Your yard can be used as your home’s first line of defense. If your property is surrounded by large plants and shrubbery, this presents another obstacle for potential thieves to tackle before getting to your home. There are a variety of plants that are more threatening than other. Here are some great tips to consider to make your home more secure:

Thorn the Thieves
Get defensive with shrubs or plants that have long and/or sharp thorns, such as a rose bush. If a perpetrator sees that he has to cross over a prickly rose bush to get to your property, he will most likely think twice. Another example is the Washington Hawthorn Plant. These trees reach up to 40 feet when mature and have thorns that are about three inches long. Place these next to any fences or gates that could be climbed. Are you worried that these spiky plants will affect the aesthetics of your home? No need to worry! These trees display beautiful warm colors and grow berries during the fall and winter months.

Guard Your Windows
The #1 way that burglars enter homes are through the windows. Add some beauty to your view while warding off criminals. Adding a rose bush or other sharp edged plants under your windows can be a simple security solution. If you want to add another element of protection, you can even add a trellis to the side of your home to train the plants to grow around the window edges. These plants will mirror barbed wire without the harsh appearance.

Avoid Over-Planting
While adding landscaping features to your yard can aid in security, too much vegetation can actually do more harm than good. Not only does it give perpetrators more places to hide, but can block out the view your neighbors may have of your property when you’re not home. One of the greatest defenses when it comes to home security, can simply be the people who live next door. In order to maintain your plants, plan on thinning them out regularly and avoid any overhanging trees. Moderation is key!

Who knew that your yard could be so helpful in keeping you safe? By adding plants with thorns, guarding your windows and being strategic with plant placement you’ll create a natural defense for your home. Following these tips will help increase your home’s security level and scare away burglars.


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