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Experience the Added Protection of Home Access Control

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Feel Secure With a Home Access Control System

At Moore Protection, it is our priority to provide our clients with the best in protection and quality service, making them feel comfortable and protected 24/7, 365 days out of the year. Our experts install and monitor the most innovative technology available in the security industry to ensure that our clients and their loved ones feel secure in their home at all times. Learn about our home access control systems which include home intercom systems, phone entry systems, access control keypads, keyless and keyless entry. 

Home Intercom Systems

Control who enters your property with a home intercom system. Our home intercom systems are carefully designed to connect the inside of your home to your outside property, allowing for two-way communication to occur between the homeowner and the visitor. These systems are beneficial as they give the homeowner the opportunity to communicate with outside visitors and decide whether or not to let them inside of their property. We will provide the installation services for your intercom system, as well as conduct maintenance and service checks to make sure it is operating effectively and efficiently. 

Phone Entry Systems

Phone entry systems are popular home access control systems. They are commonly installed in single-family homes, office buildings, and entry gates for those living in community properties. Like home intercom systems, phone entry systems control who has visiting access. Any new visitors will have to communicate with the homeowner or office receptionist to gain entry. These systems are available in single and multiple entry control. 

Access Control Keypads

Access control keypads offer a great level of protection and are very easy to manage. Those who choose to use an access control keypad are able to set a specific code. The code must be entered correctly in order to grant the person access. Some of the ways an access control keypad is used includes on exterior doors, gates, or garage doors. These keypads also have the ability to be connected with other home security systems to provide even more protection. 

Keyless Entry

Lastly, Moore Protection offers keyless entry systems. These types of systems give homeowners the ability to unlock or lock their door as they are approaching their front door. Home automation is typically available with keyless entry as well. This gives clients the opportunity to put any locks on a timed schedule. Keyless entry systems are also very convenient when carrying multiple items, if you are struggling to find your keys, or if it is dark outside. 

Contact Moore Protection for a Home Access Control System Today

If you are interested in providing your home with the highest protection, contact the professionals at Moore today! Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to discuss the best home access system for your property. Whether it be a home intercom system, phone entry system, access control keypad, or keyless entry system, we will ensure your home and family’s safety by providing you with a tool that controls who is able to enter your property.  We will guarantee that you receive the personalized and professional attention you deserve, while giving you the most thorough protection available. Schedule a free consultation with us today!

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