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Improve Your Home Security By Running Background Checks

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Family Caregiver’s Month Is A Great Time To Take Your Home Security To The Next Level
Home Security

Since November is Family Caregiver’s Month, we thought it would be a great opportunity to remind people about the benefits of background checks for prospective in-home employees. It was once assumed that background checks were only good for large corporations looking to hire candidates for important or sensitive positions, but things are changing.

These days, anyone looking to hire someone can easily and affordably obtain a background check. This is especially useful for private employers who are looking to hire someone as a family caregiver. To add an extra layer to existing home security, a background check is one of the most useful steps to take.

Types Of Information

Most people know that background checks provide detailed information about past criminal history. This information can include things like prior offenses and felonies and is usually helpful in determining whether a potential candidate is a security risk or not. While this information doesn’t guarantee someone will be a threat to your home security, you can use it to determine how much of a risk you are willing to take by hiring that person. Beyond criminal history, the information in the background check can also be useful when trying to validate the claims a potential candidate makes on his or her application. Many background checks will also provide basic education and work history information depending on the type and depth of the check you order. Even if you aren’t concerned about the security of the candidate, you may still find this information useful before making a final decision.

Requirements To Be Aware Of

Since a background check accesses potentially personal and sensitive information, it’s important to know what is required in order to legally obtain this information about a potential candidate. The most important thing to realize is that you must get approval from the candidate before you order a background check. Written approval usually comes after you have sent out a job advertisement and received your initial wave of applicants. As you begin to narrow down the selection to the potential in-home caregiver you want to interview, you can begin to think about getting this approval from potential candidates. It is your choice whether you want to conduct a background check before or after an interview. The interview process can be a useful way to further reduce the number of background checks you have to make. Once you have a good group of candidates in mind, get the written approval and make sure you share all the details of what you are seeking through the background check process.

How To Use The Information

It is up to you to use the information you receive in the background check as you see fit. Once again, most hiring managers and private employers find criminal history to be the most important section of any background check. To make the most of this kind of information, you have to set a certain limit on any kind of previous offenses you are willing to accept. Whether you’re looking for someone with no prior history or just a certain level of acceptable offenses, knowing ahead of time what this limit is will allow you to quickly assess a candidate’s criminal history. Try to use the other information contained in a background check where applicable. Validate as many claims that the candidate makes about their work history, education, and other skills as you can through this information as well.

Increasing Home Security

Beyond finding a qualified family caregiver, your top priority is home security. Keeping your family safe, especially the recipients of the care, means you need to have as much information about a potential candidate as you can. It might also mean that you would like a way to monitor what happens inside and around your home conveniently. We have a wide variety of monitoring options and are more than happy to discuss with you what the best options would be for your unique situation.

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