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Background Check For Caregivers

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official-making-a-check-mark-motionHome Security Should Account for All Visitors

When you think about the term “home security,” you think about security cameras, burglar alarms, and other such items. You want to prevent intruders from coming into the house, right? But what about the people you willingly let in? You want to know any plumbers, HVAC technicians, and other professionals have had background checks, so you know they’re safe. What about caregivers for your family members? It’s even more important to check them out. In honor of Home Caregivers Month, think about home security in those terms.

Why Get Background Checks?

Caregivers take care of family members—people who are important to you—when they are at their most vulnerable. You don’t want anyone taking advantage of them when they can’t defend themselves. And you don’t want the home being prey to someone who is supposed to be compassionate and helpful. You want professional, trustworthy people and background checks can help you notice any red flags that might come up. You are able to keep criminals out of the home to protect your family members and their basic needs.

How Can You Get Background Checks?

If you hire a caregiver through an organized business, they may already have a background check on file and you can simply ask to see it. If you are hiring someone yourself, you can submit their name, address, and social security number to a background investigation program to find out what you need to know. You’ll get back whether or not they were convicted of any crimes or have a record of any kind. Applicants with convictions usually can’t become caregivers with companies and you will want to know that for your own purposes as well.

Is Credit History Important?

You aren’t trying to give the caregiver a loan, but some background checks include a credit history review as well. Those, while not as important, can still tell you some things about the person you are thinking about hiring. If they have a lot of outstanding debt or bankruptcy and foreclosures to their name, it might show you something about their judgment that you won’t like.

Home Security Means Checking Those Who Enter

You secure your home against intruders—people you know you don’t want to enter your home. But it’s too easy to willingly open your doors to others without knowing who they are or what their background is like. Instead of trusting what people say, because unfortunately, we can’t always do that in life, it’s important to utilize home security measures like background checks before you let strangers into your house. This is especially true when you’re thinking of letting that person care for a loved one who needs extra help. If you need help securing a background check, contact Moore Protection for advice.

Don’t Take No For An Answer

If a company you are trying to hire has done background checks on their caregivers, they legally have to let you see them if you ask. So ask. It never hurts to be sure. And if you are trying to hire someone independently and they refuse such a check, move on to another candidate. Your family member is too important to take chances and background checks can help.

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