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3 Ways to Be Earthquake-Ready

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broken road by an earthquake or landslide

Unlike most natural disasters, earthquakes show up suddenly with zero warning. California is especially susceptible to earthquakes and Moore Protection wants to be sure that you are fully prepared and protected. There are plenty of effective things you can do before these disasters occur in order to ensure your safety.

Shake-Proof Your Home
The best thing to do first is look around your home and assess every large piece of furniture. How old is it? Is it stable or anchored to anything? If any piece of furniture can be easily moved or isn’t reinforced properly, it is important to secure these items. When an earthquake hits, the objects in your home can actually be more detrimental than the structure of your home. Move large devices away from any seating or beds, or go to your local hardware store to find securing devices such as nylon straps, fasteners and hooks.

Prepare Your Family
It is important that every member of your household knows the proper procedure when an earthquake hits. Hold family safety drills to practice what to do and where to go. Identify specific spots in your home that are the safest, like under a sturdy table. Teach your kids how to protect themselves by dropping under a hard surface and covering their heads with their hands. Another great way to be prepared is to put together a home emergency kit. This kit should have enough supplies to last you and your family up to three days following the disaster.

Keep in Contact
During a crisis like this, cell phone service tends to go down. It is important to keep a list of addresses, phone numbers and sites that are available for meeting/evacuation. Make sure all of your family members have access to this so they know where to go if you are not together at the time. Also, it would help to keep an out-of-state contact to be the “middle man” for everyone to contact for information.

Whether an earthquake happens soon or not, it is better to be prepared now so you don’t regret it later. Do you have more questions? Contact Moore Protection today! We are happy to offer our advice.

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