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Large estate security systems

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Large estate security systems

Southern California runs the gamut when it comes to different kinds of housing. A number of these homes are considered large estate properties which run high in their value and usually house many valuables inside of them – so it’s important for them to be secure. Plus, there are usually more ways of entry to these estates as they have more windows, doors, and garages. 

When securing a large estate, customers need more than the average minimum security systems to keep their property safe. Moore Protection has a long history of working with clients who own highly valuable estate with sprawling properties and know which systems work best for certain areas, properties, and client needs.

Our large estate security systems

There is no-size-fits-all security system for all large estates, which is why we like to work closely with our clients to understand the estate from all angles and secure it from every side. Moore Protection offers full estate security coverage, including:

  • Installing full-scale security systems covering the entire estate top-to-bottom and along the whole perimeter 
  • Customized designs for large estate security systems using the latest technology  
  • Multi-phase installations to meet client needs and cover all aspects of the property 
  • Multiple layers of protection to cover different threats and security coverage based on data from the surrounding area 
  • No size limit to the estate and property being covered for protection

We make it our job to protect every part of a property from the perimeter to the inside of the home and everything in between. By monitoring criminal trends locally and city-wide while keeping an eye on any points that seem to need more protection, it’s a long-standing relationship between our services and our clients.

Choosing the right protection 

There are many different brands that offer security services, with a variety of systems and technology used to cover ground. We work with top-rated companies offering the best systems in the industry to our clients, and know which ones work best with which properties. Generally, there are five types of security systems:

  1. Commercial grade security systems
  2. Smart security systems for large estates
  3. Customer support-based security systems for large homes
  4. Best security systems for business properties
  5. Large home security systems with professional monitoring 

Make an appointment to see us for a consultation and we can determine next steps from there. An assessment of the large estate and property will ensue, but it’s important to have your valuables listed and appraised in an active homeowners insurance plan as well. While we work to protect what you own, if things are stolen or damaged, that becomes an insurance issue. Peace of mind comes with feeling secure – that’s where we excel. 

If you own a large estate and want to make sure security is tight, Moore Protections has got you covered

If you don’t already have an active security system for your large estate or you’re looking to upgrade it, we are here to help. As technology advances and crime rates rise, we work hard to keep you, your belongings, and the people in your home safe from dangerous threats.

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