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Doorbells with video cameras

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Video camera doorbells

As technology advances, so does the variety of safety and protection tools. Doorbells have come a long way since their invention and now many of them feature recording devices for a little extra safety. Video surveillance is nothing new, but we’re seeing the use of video camera doorbells on the rise. Depending on the model, these cameras can catch anything in view and record it to refer to later, if necessary.

At Moore Protection, we offer a variety of home security systems that go beyond a video camera doorbell, but they are a great addition to any home. These devices have become quite popular catching package thieves, burglars, dog attacks, car accidents, and children on the loose. And, they sometimes capture some of life’s funny moments like delivery men being silly or a late night capture of someone who can’t get their own door open. It’s an added security in a world that doesn’t always make you feel secure.

While we can’t prevent crime from happening, our trusted security systems have helped our Southern California clients keep their families and belongings safe in times of danger. We know that some houses are more susceptible to certain risk factors, whether they’re closer to the street or surrounded by other homes, so we work closely with each client to find what systems will best serve them.

Home security systems

We offer a number of different home security systems to help protect you, your loved ones, and your property. Some security systems we offer:


  • Home alarm systems: We can take over the monitoring services of most existing alarm systems as well as install a personalized alarm system for your home. 
  • Home security cameras: Maintain proper monitoring of your home and property with the help of our security experts who will install home security cameras throughout your property for the best protection possible.
  • Home video surveillance: New technology in video surveillance is making monitoring day and night more effective. Remain safe and comfortable with video surveillance of your entire property.
  • Home security monitoring: Our 24/7/365 monitoring services are unparalleled in the Southern California market to anyone else in the industry with expertly trained operators, personalized service, and the best home security system.
  • Portable security systems: With a portable security system, you can be protected anywhere you go. These systems are a great option for apartments, dorm rooms or even traveling.
  • Remote home monitoring: Feel protected with the ability to monitor your home from anywhere with remote access and viewing compatibility.

We take home security and protection very seriously and will work with you to find what systems are best to protect your home. We understand that every property is as unique as its owners and that certain surveillance systems will benefit certain clients more than others.

Let Moore Protection help you protect your home

If you’re looking to go beyond the security of a doorbell video camera and want to install a customized security system for your home or office, we are Southern California’s answer to protection. Let us put systems in place to protect you and yours while giving you a sense of safety and security.

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