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How Does A Burglar Alarm Work?

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What is a Burglar Alarm system?

A burglar alarm is a home security system that detects movements around your home. With built-in sensors, it detects anything ranging from doors to windows opening. If a system detects a forced entry into a home, it will trigger an alarm alerting those on the premises that their safety has been breached. Having a burglar alarm in your home is essential for protecting your family and property while you’re away or sleeping. Studies have shown installing a security system helps deter burglars from your home. 

There are three types of burglar alarm systems on the market. There are a few things you need to consider when buying one.

  • Hardwired system: This is an advanced system that runs via cables and requires a more lengthy installation.
  • Wireless system: A wireless system requires a quick and easy installation.
  • Hybrid Systems: This hybrid system contains wireless zones and hardwired zones around your property.

At Moore Protection, our team of experts can help you find the best system for your property and needs. 

What are the features of a burglar alarm 

A burglar alarm system is there to improve the security of your home or business. The extensive features all have one goal in mind: to alert you of danger. Most systems work by using motion sensors to detect movement around the home. Some systems only have a bells-only option, which uses an alarm to notify you of danger. Other alarm systems will trigger a voice or flashing lights to scare off an intruder. Some burglar alarms have control panels that can be controlled via smartphone. This will allow you to activate and deactivate the alarm remotely and allow you to monitor your home. 

If an intruder is attempting a break-in your system will activate these three steps: 

  • Motion sensed: If a window is broken or a door is forced open, the motion sensors will catch the movement. This will trigger the alarm countdown. 
  • Control panel activated: The movement caught by the sensors will then be sent to the control panel. 
  • Alarm is triggered: A loud alarm is triggered to notify those in the home of danger and deter the intruder. The police will then be notified. Some systems alert the police will the pre-recorded message providing the authorities with your address, while others will call a security company.
  • Alarm is deactivated: Once safe, you can deactivate the alarm by using the key fob or smartphone. This feature is quick and easy to use, especially during a false alarm.  

How to maintain your burglar alarm

Maintaining your alarm system is vital to keep your home safe. It’s recommended that you test your burglar alarm system at least once a month. Some control panels feature a “test” button that homeowners can use to test their systems without alerting the authorities. It’s always important that your system is up to date and running smoothly. Testing your system monthly can help avoid your alarm from malfunctioning and giving false alarms.

If you own a home or business and want to make sure it is secure, Moore Protections has got you covered

As the holidays come and the crime rates rise, we want to keep you, your belongings, and the people in your home safe from dangerous threats. Installing a burglar alarm will not only deter intruders but keep you protected in an emergency. Connect with our team of experts to get started on a free consultation today.

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