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The Importance of Installing Fire Systems

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Why Do We Need Fire Systems in Our Homes?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, a fire department responds to a fire every 24 seconds in the United States. We have come to understand that the majority of fatalities are in homes that do not have a properly functioning smoke alarm system. With the help of a working smoke detector and other fire systems, fire-related injuries can be reduced as well as property damage. Learn more about different types of fire systems and the benefits of installation with Moore Protection. 


At Moore Protection, the safety of our clients and their home is important to us. We offer different fire systems, which include smoke detectors, heat detectors, residential fire alarm systems, and water sprinkler switches. 

Smoke Detectors

Under California law, all single family dwelling units are required to have smoke detectors installed. When this type of detector senses smoke, it activates a warning sound. It is important to note that not only does fire threaten life safety, but it can also result in insurance issues. While it is not necessary for smoke detectors to be monitored, we monitor ours along with your home security system to ensure the highest level of protection. 

Heat Detectors

Heat detectors sense a change in heat and eliminate misleading alerts. They are typically installed near kitchens, garages or dusty areas where smoke detectors could give false alarms. Heat detectors should never be installed in place of a smoke detector, but rather for additional safety purposes. 

Residential Fire Alarm Systems

One of your most valuable investments is your home. It is where your family lives, friends come to gather, and where personal belongings are kept safe. To ensure that your home and family is protected, we recommend the installation of residential fire alarm systems. While it may seem simple to rebuild when there is structural damage, nothing can replace the emotional losses suffered from a house fire, which is why we offer our top-of-the-line, early-detection fire alarm systems, so that you and your family can feel safe and secure. 

Water Sprinkler Switch

Lastly, we supply water sprinkler switches. A water sprinkler switch monitors the water flow and water pressure that flows through the fire sprinkler system. With quality water sprinkler switches from Moore Protection, your family will be immediately alerted to the presence of a fire so that everyone can quickly go to a safe area away from the fire and wait for the fire department to arrive. 

Contact Moore Protection to Install Fire Systems Today

Fires can happen when we least expect them to or even when we are away from our homes. In order to protect your family and home in the event of a fire, it is important to install fire systems that you can trust to provide safety. Moore Protection is proud to offer you this type of security through our available fire systems. Our professionals know all of the ins and outs to fire safety and will provide you with the best advice that is catered to your home and lifestyle. If you have any questions or are ready to invest in a new system, contact us today. We are always ready to help, giving you the fast response, quality service, and personal attention that you and your family deserve.

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