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You Need a Heat Detector for Your Garage

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Can a heat detector work for your garage?

If you own a home, a smoke detector is a common purchase for safety. If you want to protect your home, purchasing a heat detector is necessary. A heat detector is able to sense an increase in temperature in a room. An increase in temperature is the earliest sign of a fire occurring. Though it cannot stop a fire, the alarm sounds before a fire begins to grow. With house fires, every minute and second counts. It can be the difference between life and death. Installing a heat detector can provide an extra layer of safety when danger strikes.

Heater detectors are usually installed in attics and basements. They are also used with ceiling sprinklers to contain a fire. A heat detector is best used in areas of a home where a smoke detector isn’t efficient. Outside of attics and basements, the best place for a heat detector is your garage.

Why does your garage need a heat detector?

Smoke detectors aren’t used in the garage because cars produce smoke and carbon monoxide— two things that set off a smoke detector. Because of the false alarms, most homeowners don’t bother installing one in their garages. But that doesn’t mean your garage isn’t vulnerable to fires. In fact, there are 6,600 garage fires per year. This is why a heat detector can be beneficial. 

Unlike a common smoke detector, a heat detector will only trigger if there is a dramatic increase in temperature. As the level of heat in your garage increases, the head detector notifies you immediately. It is not uncommon for fires to occur in garages. Having a heat detector will give you life-saving extra minutes to either put out the fire before it grows, or help your family escape to safety.

If you catch a fire before it grows, it can be easier for you to contain them or put it out. Not only will you save your life, but you will save your garage, your personal belongings, and of course, your home. 

What type of heat detectors are there?

There are two main types of heat detectors for your garage. Heat detectors could be wireless or wired. We recommend that you use a wireless, battery-operated heat detector in case the power in your house goes out. This will ensure the heat detector continues to work. Batteries usually last up to 10 years, so we recommended that you replace them every five years to ensure it continues to work.

Fixed temperature detector: This type of heat detector for your garage takes note of the actual heat of the room. If the temperature in your garage begins to surpass a pre-set temperature, the alarm will trigger and notify you of a fire growing. 

Rate-of-Rise Heat detector: This type of heat detector for your garage senses the rising temperature in a room. This type of sensor triggers when the rate of change is a 15-degree increase per minute. This signals a house fire. 

Ready to buy a heat detector for your garage? 

Moore Protection can help you select the best one for your home. A heat detector is a life-saving installation for your garage. Our team offers free security consultations to help you find the right system to protect your home. Get started on fire safety today!

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