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How Moisture Detectors and Sump Pump Sensors Work

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Water damage protection

At Moore Protection, we refer to our methods of protection against flooding and water damage as critical condition monitoring. It’s a sense of security for your home against water damages caused by things like flooding, heavy rain, and overflow of nearby bodies of water. 


It’s important to install devices that prevent water damage as it can cause major damage at high expense. Of course, insurance is recommended in case of any disterous events, but before that comes installing preventative systems and devices.


Water can be a slowly damaging process to your home and its infrastructure. Over a long period of time, a small leak can turn into a huge problem. Not to mention, the cleanup is time consuming and it can affect the livability of a space. 


Not only can water damage things on the floors and walls, but it can also damage what’s in those floors and walls. For instance, mold can grow over that same amount of time as the leak, causing much bigger issues beyond vanity damage repair. With the right protection systems and devices in place, it is possible to catch an issue before it is a bigger problem – like using moisture detectors and updated sump pumps installed.

Moisture detectors

Moisture detectors are installed devices to detect unwanted moisture in wood, cement, walls, and any other part of the structure where moisture shouldn’t be. Water is a major culprit in property damages and can sometimes go beyond repair. That’s where moisture detectors come in – alerting the homeowner to increasing moisture to find leaks, burst pipes, or slow flooding in the building. 


Who needs a moisture detector? Anyone who lives in a rainy area or on land with a lot of moisture is the obvious answer. But, plumping in any house can cause unwanted moisture, so anyone can choose to have one installed. These are best installed in basements, office areas, or any room vulnerable to flooding.  

Sump pumps

Sump pumps are necessary tools to manage moisture within a structure to prevent flooding. They consist of multiple pits to collect water as it enters the property and push it out away from the property when the levels are too high to contain. 


Not every home has a sump pump – it all depends on the building and its plumbing. Homes without basements typically don’t have them. If a home does have a sump pump, it’s typically located in the basement and is a hole in the floor with piping going into it from the plumbing. Occasionally, sump pumps are found outside the home in a yard, but it’s not common.

Let Moore Protection help answer your questions about sump pumps and moisture detectors

Whether you’ve already dealt with major damages to your home from unwanted water infiltrating your property, or you want to prevent it from happening in the first place, we are here to help. Our team of experts have the knowledge and capability to set you up with ways to prevent water damage

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