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Covert Camera Features

Installing a security system into your home gives you security and peace of mind that your family will remain secure and safe. At Moore Protection, our residential security systems can be customized to fit your specific protection needs and your lifestyle demands. To make the most out of your system, we use the latest technology in the industry and a variety of camera types to make sure all main focal areas are covered. One of the main types of cameras we install to protect our clients’ property are covert cameras.

Covert cameras are known for their ability to blend into any environment. Due to their discrete nature, covert cameras can be placed in a variety of areas while still remaining hidden. In addition, covert cameras can be placed in many common objects, including smoke detectors or clocks, giving the onlooker no reason to suspect a camera in their view. For this reason, covert cameras are great for undercover surveillance and investigations. In addition, covert cameras perform well in low light conditions, making them a great option for crystal clear night images and undercover investigation. Our experts at Moore Protection are well versed in the large variety of security cameras available on the marketplace today and guide you to the best options for your property. Whether you’re looking for a system that will remain incognito or for cameras that are visible, we will design a custom system for your property and needs.

To provide our clients with the best security available, we pair the newest technology, like covert cameras, with a deep commitment to personal service and professional. With Moore Protection, there’s a difference. We are an actual security company and stand behind our services. Our clients’ safety is our number one priority and will go great lengths to make sure they remain protected. To keep true to these guidelines, we make sure an appointment made is an appointment kept.

Keep your property and family safe with the help of Moore Protection! For more information on our covert security system installations or general home security installations, contact us today!