Moore Protection

CCTV-Cameras Security cameras are one of the most important parts to a home security system. They allow you to visually monitor and evaluate the layout of your property at all times, giving you peace of mind that your family and home remain protected. At Moore Protection, we work with only the highest quality products available on the market and are here to service your protection needs!

To provide our clients with the most cutting edge technologies in the surveillance industry, we offer a wide range of CCTV cameras for your customized protection. CCTV, or closed-circuit television, can produce critical images and recordings and store them on Digital Video Recorders (DVR) for later viewing. The advantage of this recorded footage provides you with visual evidence of a break-in, vandalism and/or theft and can provide vital support for an insurance claim and/or police report. In addition, CCTV cameras give you the option to control your home surveillance cameras from one central location using high-definition monitors or TV’s and can be remotely viewed from smartphones, tablets and computers. For the most up-to-date home security solution, we provide multi-camera systems with obvious, covert and low profile options and will consult with you on the best option for your property. A customized CCTV camera installation by Moore Protection will protect your property from vandalism and theft while keeping your family, belongings and property safe. Our CCTV systems include the following products:

  • Cameras (Bullet, Dome, Covert, Low Profile, PTZ, HD, Night Vision)
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Security Monitors
  • Remote Viewing (iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, Computers)

Our CCTV systems are comprehensive and give you protection both on the interior and especially the exterior of your home. Cameras can play a pivotal role in early warning alerts of a potential threat on your property. Having visual confirmation of an intruder and his/her whereabouts can be the make a huge difference in being aware and be being able to react accordingly and have the appropriate amount of time to do so.

Leave your security needs to professionals and remain protected throughout all hours! For more information on our home security camera installations, contact us today.