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Bullet Camera Features

At Moore Protection, we specialize in the design, installation and monitoring of the most cutting-edge security camera installation. Providing the highest quality products to our clients ensures their protection and security, while giving them a solid peace of mind. In order to protect our clients to the highest degree, we provide custom designs and a variety of products to protect all aspects of their property. One of the most cost effective, yet high quality solutions includes the installation of bullet cameras.

Bullet cameras are compact and discreet, allowing us to place them in most areas of a property. Most bullet cameras come in various sizes, giving them plenty of versatility throughout the design and installation of a CCTV system. In addition to their size, bullet cameras are great due to their high performance levels in both indoor and outdoor areas and their ability to record footage in low-light conditions. Bullet cameras can even be equipped with an infrared lens, giving them the ability to see even in the dark. In addition, bullet cameras are some of the best long-range cameras available on the market today.

At Moore Protection, we will provide you with the individualized attention your property needs. We will evaluate your security needs and your property outline and determine the best home security camera for your specific situation. After developing a security plan, our professional staff will assist you in installing, monitoring and servicing your home security camera system to make sure it’s operating effectively for years to come.

By pairing the most up-to-date technology with our personal service, you will receive the best security possible. To make sure you’re protected, give Moore Protection a call today!