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6 Mistakes That Make You A Target For Burglars

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The open window in a summer garden

Do you have kids? Travel a lot? Have constant traffic coming in and out of your home? Your home might not be as safe as you might think. No matter if you live in a shack or a large estate, break-ins happen. Many homeowners believe their home is safe and secure without a home security system, but in reality, they are a big target for burglars. Without even knowing, they are giving thieves the ammunition they need to easily break in.

When we conduct a home inspection, we inspect everything. From doors to roofs to yards and more, we make sure we get to know your property from a burglar’s perspective. We have noticed a trend in the mistakes that homeowners are making. Take a look at these six easy mistakes that you might be making and their solutions below.

1. No Deadbolts

Many homeowners believe that doors with standard locks provide the same security as deadbolts. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Without a deadbolt, burglars can easily walk right through your doors.

We see so many homes that have too few deadbolts installed. The most common instance we find is that homeowners will have one deadbolt on their front door and no others throughout the entire home. Back and side doors are left defenseless with just a simple doorknob lock that is easily defeated. Burglars rarely break in through the front door. Ensure that your home is safe by installing deadbolts on every entry point, and even the garage.

2. Improper Door Installation

Now that you have installed your deadbolts, make sure that they are installed correctly. So many homeowners make the mistake of installing doors with the hinges facing the outside, where the pins can be removed in just seconds.

Check the locks around your home to make sure the pins are facing inside the home, and make the proper adjustments. This will give you the peace of mind you deserve when you are not home.

3. Window AC and Fan Attachments

Summer is here. The LA heatwaves will force us to find aid from easy and convenient window air conditioning and fan attachments. These components are placed in open windows to filter out hot air and replace it with cool air. What many homeowners forget to do is to secure these components. When a burglar spots these appliances, they see them as an unlocked and open window. All they need to do to enter your home is simply push the unit in and climb through with it. Keep cool and avoid this simple mistake by securing the unit with proper screws and locking the window into place.

4. Backyard Tools

Gaining access to your backyard is a burglar’s specialty. They also love thoughtful owners that leave out ladders without any protection. This gives them the tool to easily break into second story windows that are most likely open.

If you don’t have room to store your ladder in your garage, get yourself a chain with a lock or a simple bicycle lock. Lock the two legs together with this combination. Burglars won’t even go near them.

5. Out Grown Shrubbery

Trying to hide windows with shrubbery may be visually appealing, but allows burglars to work in secret. Keeping your shrubbery trimmed will keep burglars away from your vulnerable windows.

If you have shrubs that cannot be trimmed down, try installing motion-sensor lights near them. This will trigger a light to shine on when a burglar passes through. This will not only frighten them, but also notify you that someone is on your property so you can get the help you need quickly.

6. Silent, Empty Homes

Burglars are smart. They will watch your schedule for weeks to find out when you are home and when you leave. When you leave your home completely vacant and silent, this is almost a welcoming sign for burglars. To keep your home safe even when you’re not there, try playing music or installing timers to your lights This will give burglars the false impression that you or someone is present inside of the home.


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